"Having trained with Bozdag TKD I would never want to train anywhere else. The standard of both fitness training and technique are absolutely top notch. If you want help to reach your goals then there is no better"
Andy Worthington

"After my very first lesson, I soon realised what I was really in for. Intense fitness training, taekwondo philosophy and dedication to an art that I have come to love. I enjoy every sweaty minute of it! It is also a great honour to be training under a master who is so friendly yet professional and able to demonstrate incredible kicking abilities."
Markus Heinel

"Master S.R. Bozdag is passionate about his Art and constantly improves his training methodology, integrating new techniques and drills to take you to your next level. Besides being great fun, his training and teachings will boost your stamina, grow your confidence, flexibility and skills in all areas of Taekwondo with particular excellence in kicking, sparring and self-defence. If you are ready to put in sweat and commitment (and at times tears!), Master will help you develop your abilities further than you would imagine possible!"
Alaric D. Bozza, 1st Dan Black Belt, training since 2008 with Master S.R. Bozdag 5th Dan

"As a 4th DAN Taekwondo instructor from France and a former member of the French National Team, I would like to say that Bozdag Taekwondo will provide you with the highest standards in traditional and modern Taekwondo. Master Bozdag is a genuine good-hearted person who delivers enjoyable, confidence-building Martial Art lessons for young children to adults. Safety and health are the priority and everyone learns at his/her pace thanks to Master's great pedagogical skills. Do not hesitate and try and fall in love with Taekwondo at Bozdag Taekwondo Academy."
Pascal Norec